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How to Incorporate Viking Accessories into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Are you up to taking your style game back a thousand years? No, we’re not talking about digging up your grandad’s old threads – we mean way back.

Imagine rolling your look to the era of the Vikings, where rugged met regal and accessories were no joke. We’re here to guide you on a wild ride through time, showing you how to blend ancient Viking accessories with your modern wardrobe, without looking like you just stepped out of a time machine.

Get ready to turn heads and wield your fashion like a Viking warrior. Let’s dive in!

Leather Cuffs

Leather cuffs were a staple accessory for male Vikings, and they can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Opt for simple leather cuffs with minimal detailing to avoid looking like you’re trying too hard.

You can pair them with casual outfits like jeans and a T-shirt for a touch of ruggedness. You can also add them to a formal look for an unexpected edge.

For female Vikings, leather cuffs were also a popular accessory. However, they often featured more intricate designs and were adorned with gemstones or metals.

You can replicate this look by choosing those with detailed engravings or adding charm pendants for a feminine touch.

Shield Rings

Shield rings typically feature complex designs inspired by shields or runes. To integrate them into your wardrobe, choose one as a statement piece for your finger and keep the rest of your accessories simple.

Pair it with a plain outfit for maximum impact, or mix and match it with other rings for a bold and unique look. Just be careful not to go overboard – one statement ring is enough.

Thor’s Hammer Necklace

Thor’s hammer, also known as Mjolnir, was a symbol of strength and protection for the Vikings. Using this iconic accessory will not only add a touch of Norse mythology but also unleash your inner warrior.

You can wear it with a simple t-shirt or dress up a formal outfit by layering it with other necklaces. If you’re feeling extra bold, go for a larger and more detailed pendant. This will make a statement and show off your fierce fashion sense.

Viking Brooches

Viking brooches were used to secure cloaks and other garments, but they can also add a unique touch to modern outfits. Opt for smaller and simpler designs if you want to add a subtle Viking touch. But if you want more intricate statement pieces, opt for larger and more detailed brooches.

You can use them to accessorize various pieces such as:

  • scarves
  • jackets
  • hats
  • bags

However, be sure not to overwhelm your outfit with too many of them. Just use one or two as an accent piece to elevate your look.

Fur Accents

Fur was a common accessory for Vikings, and it can add an interesting texture to your wardrobe. To add a touch of wildness to your attire, choose faux fur accents such as:

  • hats
  • collars
  • scarves

For a more subdued look, you can also use boots with fur detailing or even a fur lining on a jacket. Make sure to stick to one fur accent at a time and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Too much of it can quickly become overpowering.

Viking-Inspired Clothing

If you’re feeling bold and want to fully embrace the Viking style, consider including clothing pieces that are directly inspired by Norse fashion. This can include:

  • tunics
  • long coats
  • fur-trimmed capes
  • leather boots

These pieces can add a unique touch to your wardrobe and make a statement. Moreover, they are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Also, it is worth noting that you need to avoid head-to-toe Viking-inspired looks, as this can come off as a costume.

Amulet Pouches

Amulet pouches were worn by Viking men and women to hold small items like coins or good luck charms. You can blend them into your wardrobe as a unique and practical accessory.

Wear it around your neck, or waist, or even attach it to a belt for a touch of mysticism. You can also choose one with Norse-inspired designs or symbols such as runes or dragons to add an extra layer of authenticity.

Plus, you’ll have a convenient way to carry small items without having to dig through your pockets. 

Embroidered Caps

Caps adorned with raveled embroidery were a popular accessory for both men and women in Viking times. These caps often featured symbols of Norse mythology like:

  • wolves
  • dragons
  • Odin’s ravens

You can choose baseball caps with embroidered patches or even beanies with Nordic-inspired designs. They can add an interesting twist to your outfit and also make you stand out from the crowd.

Chainmail Inspired Jewelry

Chainmail was a common material used for armor in Viking times, but it can also be integrated into modern accessories. Opt for chainmail-inspired jewelry pieces such as:

  • bracelets
  • necklaces
  • earrings

For those interested in further expressing their fascination with ancient cultures, pagan jewelry presents an authentic option. Pieces adorned with symbols such as the “Valknut” or the “Tree of Life” can add a deep spiritual dimension to your ensemble.

It can also connect you to ancient beliefs and customs in a subtle yet meaningful way. For an extensive selection of these accessories, click here for pagan jewelry.

Create Your Own Viking Accessories

If you’re feeling crafty about these Viking jewelry trends, you can also make your own accessories. This allows you to customize them to your style and preferences.

You can also use braid strips of faux fur or leather to create headbands, necklaces, or even belts. The possibilities are endless, and you can truly make your accessories one-of-a-kind.

Elevating Your Style with Viking Accessories

Ready to channel your inner corsair and upgrade your fashion game? With these ancient yet timeless Viking accessories, you’re all set to infuse your modern outfits with a dash of Norse warrior spirit.

Ready to make a statement? Start exploring the vast world of Viking accessory styling today! Your fashion adventure awaits

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