6 Reasons to Invest in Green Energy

Imagine an Earth where global temperatures have declined from where they currently stand. Here, nature is recovering, forests are flourishing, more birds are chirping, and the air is less polluted.

Those are things that the human race can achieve if we can only slow or stop global warming. And a chief player in reaching this goal is transitioning to green energy.

But what exactly can green energy do for humans and the planet? Why should everyone consider switching to these clean, renewable energy sources?

This guide rounds up the top answers to those questions, so read on. 

1. Lower Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions you and your activities generate. The lower it is, the less impact you have on the environment, as CO2 is a primary greenhouse gas (GHG). As a GHG, it traps heat in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and climate change.

Unaddressed, global warming and climate change can impact everyone’s safety and future by:

  • Making intense heatwaves more common
  • Increasing the likelihood of heavier rainfall, snowfall, and precipitation
  • Disrupting ecosystems
  • Worsening food and water insecurities

So, unless everyone chips in to reduce emissions, we’re looking at a future riddled with dangerous weather events. 

How Green Energy Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint

The primary driver of high carbon footprints is fossil fuel use. These include coal, natural gas, and petroleum, all containing carbon. When burned to produce energy, they release carbon dioxide and air pollutants.

The opposite applies to renewable green energy sources, including geothermal, wind, water, and solar. They generate little to no GHGs or air pollutants. This is why they’re also regarded as clean energy.

So, by investing in green energy solutions, you can reduce your carbon footprint. This lets you do your part in helping slow or stop global warming. 

2. A Step Towards Cleaner Air

Air pollution is a worldwide health threat, associated with over 6.5 million deaths yearly. And unfortunately, a big chunk of this problem results from human activities.

Burning fossil fuels is one of the primary contributors to human-made air pollution. It’s behind emissions from gas-powered vehicles, electricity production, and heating homes and buildings.

That’s another excellent reason to switch to clean and green energy, which emits little, even no, air pollutants. 

3. More Affordable Than Fossil Fuels

Most green energy sources are renewable, which means they’re inexhaustible or naturally replenishable.

Take solar energy as an example. The sun will keep sending its energy toward Earth as long as it’s in the sky. Humans can harness its power and use it to energize their homes and electronics thanks to reliable solar energy solutions like solar panels.

Since green energy sources are renewable, there’s no threat to their supply, unlike fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable since they have limited supplies on Earth. Moreover, their formation takes hundreds of millions of years. They also require specialized extraction methods.

Those are the primary reasons fossil fuel prices are prone to fluctuations. Unfortunately, these changes usually reflect an upward trend.

So, it’s also no wonder that renewable and clean energy sources have become cheaper than fossil fuels. Solar’s price has even shrunk by a factor of 5,000 since its first use in 1958. 

4. Reduce Energy Bills

When you invest in green energy, say a solar installation at home, you can generate electricity on site. You can use this energy to power your entire house, including your lights, HVAC system, appliances, and gadgets. Since you “produced” it yourself, you don’t have to pay anyone to use it.

That results in a reduction in your energy bills, helping you save money. And if you design your solar energy system to meet 100% of your household’s electricity needs, you may no longer have to “buy” from your utility company.

You may even be able to save more by selling the excess energy your system generates through a net metering program. With this, you get credits for the surplus energy you send to the grid. You can then use the credits to offset your energy usage at night or during less sunny days when your system’s output is lower. 

5. Boost Your Property’s Value

A solar energy system can increase your home’s market value because it’s an upgrade.

According to experts, a property’s value can go up by as much as $20 for every $1 reduction in its yearly energy bills. So, if you decide to sell your solar-powered home in the future, you can negotiate a higher asking price. This won’t be a deal-breaker to eco-conscious buyers willing to pay a premium price for homes with solar technologies. 

6. Enjoy Tax Breaks

Federal, state, and local governments offer various tax incentives to those who invest in renewable green energy. Some are tax credits (dollar-for-dollar deductions), while others are tax exemptions.

Tax Credits

The best green energy tax break is the federal Residential Clean Energy Credit. It provides a 30% tax credit for the cost of qualifying systems like solar, wind, and geothermal energy equipment. So, if you install a solar panel system worth $30,000, you could qualify for a $9,000 federal tax credit.

Your state may also offer incentives similar to the Residential Clean Energy Credit. An example is New York’s 25% State Tax Credit. Unlike the federal credit without a cap, though, the one offered by the NY government has a limit of $5,000. 

Tax Exemptions

Depending on where you live, your green energy investment may exempt you from paying sales taxes, property taxes, or both.

With a sales tax exemption, you won’t have to pay the regular sales tax on purchasing your green energy system. With a property tax exemption, your property taxes won’t increase even after your system boosts your property’s value. An example of a state that offers both is Arizona. 

Make the Switch to Green Energy Today

As you learned in this guide, green energy sources like solar, wind, water, and geothermal will play significant roles in the planet’s future. These clean, renewable energies can help slow or stop global warming. As a bonus, they can help people rely less on fossil fuels, save money on energy bills, and even boost property values.

All those should be good enough reasons for you to switch to and invest in green energy ASAP.

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