A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Website Builder for Your Online Store

So you have a great product. You think other people want it, so you want to set up an online business to sell to the world.

The problem is you have a ton of options. You have free website builders like WordPress and WooCommerce. At the same time, you have platforms that charge monthly, like Shopify.

So, what is the best website builder for eCommerce? Let’s look at some things to look for in an eCommerce website builder.

Consider Ease of Use

As a business owner, you probably don’t have the time to fiddle with your website all day. You want to log in, make a few changes, and return to running your business.

You can’t do that if your eCommerce website is a mess that takes forever to do anything. Look at how to accomplish basic tasks in website software to ensure it’s easy to use.

Think of Pricing

Pricing is something you shouldn’t overlook when picking website software. You have a few options, from free to monthly payments.

For free, you have open-source solutions like WordPress. On the other hand, there are Shopify and BigCommerce for a self-hosted solution. Consider your budget and which pricing options offer the best value.

Additionally, make sure the pricing of your website software scales with your needs. You may end up with out-of-control pricing if your store grows.

Design Options

You’ll need a great website design to win over customers. Believe it or not, 94% of people will reject a website due to poor design.

Although most platforms allow you to fully customize a website, some make it harder than others. Check to see what themes are available to see what options you have. You can also check for agency services, so click for Magento website development services for an example of what website developer services are available.

Software Integrations

Website software won’t be your only tool to run your online store. You’ll have a mailing list, external marketing campaigns, accounting software, and more.

Many eCommerce platforms offer integrations to automate many tasks. Check to see what’s available in your software options. You want your website to connect to as many third-party sources as possible to make your life easier.

Customer Support

Things may not always go as planned with your store. You can experience website bugs, server downtime, payment issues, and other problems.

You must consider what support is available. If you go open-source and self-host your website, your options may be limited. On the other hand, a hosted platform usually has customer support available.

Consider if you need support and find a platform that offers what you need.

Best Website Builder for eCommerce

The website software you pick will play a crucial role in your online business success. Finding an easy-to-use platform will help you build an online store that’s simple to manage and serves customers well.

But with so many options, finding the best website builder for eCommerce may prove challenging. Consider the factors above when making your choice to find your best option.

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