Is It Worth Buying Loose Grown Diamonds? 


Loose grown diamonds are created in the lab and also known as synthetic diamonds, lab created diamonds or cultured diamonds. Significantly, at present time, loose grown diamonds are high in demand. Buying these diamonds from a trustworthy source is quite difficult but not impossible. In this article we will help you to have complete understanding about loose grown diamonds, four important C’s of loose grown diamonds and all the other essential factors related to these diamonds. In addition to this, you can visit our online store to buy the best quality loose grown diamonds at reasonable prices along with proper certification. So let’s embark this journey of knowing essential facts about beautiful, sparkling and affordable loose grown diamonds; 

What are loose grown diamonds? 

Loose grown diamonds have the same physical and optical  properties just like natural diamonds. However, natural diamonds are created naturally by going through natural geological processes under the Earth’s crust and took millions of years to form completely. On the other hand loose grown diamonds are created carefully in the laboratory with proper controller settings and are created completely just in a few weeks or months. Most importantly, these diamonds are considered as the best alternative to natural diamonds because loose grown diamonds are more cost effective, sustainable and powerful. 

4 C’s of Loose Grown Diamonds  

Below are the 4 C’s of the loose grown diamonds. 


Loose grown diamonds can be created in large carat weights as compared to the natural diamonds. According to synthetics 1 and 3 carats loose grown diamonds are quite famous because they are budget friendly as compared to the natural diamonds with same quality and weight. 


Loose grown diamonds are usually white or colorless and also available in a variety of fancy colors. Importantly, the GIA color grading system is used for grading colors of all the natural or synthetic colorless diamonds on a scale of D to Z. This scale plays an essential function in measuring how much these diamonds are colorless. The closer the loose grown diamonds come to colorless the higher it will have grading on the scale. But if the diamond shows more brown or yellow tints it will automatically have a lower grade. 


It is very easy to cut lab grown diamonds in the same way as diamond cutters cut natural diamonds with the help of the same processes and tools. Significantly, cutting off the loose grown diamonds means it’s symmetry, proportions and polish which automatically affect the fire and brilliance of the loose grown diamonds. Cut of these diamonds are graded on the particular scale which ranges from Excellent to Poor along with various other essential elements such as facet arrangement, culet size and griddle thickness is also considered. Loose grown diamonds come in various shapes and each shape has its own distinctive cut parameters. 


As compared to natural diamonds, loose grown diamonds are created under the controller conditions. Due to which it is possible that loose grown diamonds receive more clarity grades as compared to the naturally occurring diamonds. 

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Thus, loose grown diamonds are created in various shapes and sizes in the lab. So if you want to buy loose grown diamonds in large solitaire or small sizes you can visit our online store and can buy high-quality loose diamonds. Moreover, buyers are highly facilitated with high end technology and skills and can buy their desired size of loose diamonds at a reasonable price. Moreover, we only sell diamonds with proper certification for maintaining our standard in the market. So if you want to make a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a ring for your beloved one you can buy loose grown diamonds from our online store and can customize it according to your choice and make your partner happy on their important occasions in life such as engagement, wedding or birthdays.

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