Unveiling the Luxury: Insulated Garden Rooms for Every Season


Discover the epitome of comfort and style with Insulated Garden Rooms—a fusion of elegance and functionality designed to transform your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility. In this article, we explore the captivating features of Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms, delving into their construction, benefits, and the bespoke solutions offered by Prestige Garden Rooms.

Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms: A Symphony of Comfort and Style

1. The Cedar Advantage

Boasting low density and a high proportion of air space, Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms stand as the paragon of thermal insulation among commonly available softwood species. Unlike traditional materials such as brick, concrete, and steel, cedar proves to be a superior choice. The external cladding, an 18mm Western Red Cedar, adds not only insulation but also a touch of aesthetic brilliance with its varying shades along the length of the cladding.

2. Structural Brilliance

The framework structure of the Platinum Pent, a testament to precision, measures 95mm x 45mm. This solid foundation ensures durability and stability, making your insulated garden room a lasting investment.

3. A Cocoon of Comfort

The walls of these garden rooms are engineered with a thoughtful combination: a breathable membrane, 75mm Celotx insulation, and a vapor barrier. This construction not only provides insulation against external temperatures but also ensures a comfortable and regulated environment inside.

4. Finishing Touches

The roof, adorned with UPVC fascia boards, adds a polished finish to the structure. Internally, a 9mm moisture-resistant MDF with a V groove every 200mm creates a paneled effect. This interior finish, factory-sprayed in white, adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

5. Doors and Windows: The Gateway to Elegance

Doors and windows, crafted from UPVC with 4/20/4 TGH double glazing, are not just functional but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal. The choice of materials ensures longevity, while the double glazing enhances insulation.

6. Floor Insulation

The floor, often neglected in terms of insulation, is a key focus in Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms. Insulated with 75mm PIR boards and layered with 18mm OSB, the floor provides both comfort and durability.

Bespoke Outdoor Living Spaces: Tailored Solutions for You

1. Crafting Your Dream Garden Room

Prestige Garden Rooms, based in Staffordshire, takes pride in creating bespoke outdoor living spaces that cater to individual preferences and spaces of any size. Their years of experience and knowledge are harnessed to craft the perfect insulated garden room for you.

2. Gallery of Excellence

Explore the gallery of Prestige Garden Rooms’ work, a testament to their passion and dedication. From home offices to serene retreats, each garden room is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the diverse needs and styles of its clientele.

Benefits of Insulated Garden Rooms

1. Year-Round Usability

Insulated Garden Rooms extend an invitation to enjoy the space throughout the year. Whether you’re working from home or seeking a tranquil retreat, these rooms provide a cozy environment in every season.

2. Energy Efficiency

The thoughtful construction and quality insulation materials contribute to energy efficiency. Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, minimizing the need for additional heating or cooling.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Cedar cladding adds a touch of natural beauty to your garden, creating an elegant focal point. The varying shades of cedar cladding bring a unique charm to each garden room.

4. Bespoke Pricing

Prestige Garden Rooms maintains transparency in pricing, striving to provide comprehensive costs without hidden extras. While there are bespoke options like skylights and bi-folding doors, the core pricing remains clear and straightforward.

Your Investment in Tranquility: Prestige Garden Rooms

1. The Prestige Approach

Passion and teamwork define the Prestige approach. With a workforce dedicated to delivering products that enhance gardens and bring pleasure for years, every Prestige Garden Room is a testament to their commitment.

2. Your Guarantee

Acknowledging the significance of your investment, Prestige Garden Rooms offers a 5-year guarantee with all their buildings. This guarantee reflects their confidence in the durability and quality of their garden rooms.

3. Cost Matters

Understanding the financial commitment involved in acquiring a garden room, Prestige Garden Rooms emphasizes clear pricing. The goal is to provide customers with an understanding of costs, excluding hidden extras. Bespoke features are available for those seeking additional enhancements.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Outdoors with Insulated Garden Rooms

As we conclude our exploration of Insulated Garden Rooms, the synthesis of style and functionality becomes evident. Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms, with their aesthetic appeal, structural brilliance, and year-round usability, stands as a testament to the commitment of Prestige Garden Rooms. Elevate your outdoor space, invest in tranquility, and let the beauty of Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms redefine your connection with nature. Step into a realm where every season is an opportunity to revel in the comfort and elegance of your bespoke garden retreat.

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