Scissor Lift Hire Telford: Elevating Your Projects with Precision


Embarking on projects that require working at heights demands reliable equipment, and when it comes to vertical mobility, Scissor Lift Hire Telford emerges as a practical solution. TT54 Plant Hire Telford, a trusted name in the industry, offers an honest, reliable, and professional plant and trailer hire service, catering to Telford, Shrewsbury, and the West Midlands. This article explores the benefits of Scissor Lift Hire Telford and factors to consider when choosing the right scissor lift for your projects.

About TT54 Plant Hire Telford

Situated strategically in Telford, TT54 Plant Hire Telford provides quick and easy access to major motorway routes, ensuring prompt delivery or convenient collection. The company takes pride in its commitment to honesty, reliability, and professionalism, aiming for customer satisfaction in every aspect of its plant hire service.

Scissor Lift Equipment

1. Scissor Lift Genie GS2646

  • Electric scissor lift
  • 454kg lift capacity
  • 9.8m working height
  • Ideal for two people to work on with a platform width of 1.15m

2. Scissor Lift Genie GS1932

  • Electric scissor lift
  • 227kg lift capacity
  • 7.79m working height
  • Compact design suitable for tight working spaces

3. Trailer Mounted Generator

  • 3 Phase 22 KVA
  • Ideal for temporary warehouse power, construction sites, or events

Request A Booking

TT54 Plant Hire Telford offers a straightforward booking process, allowing customers to choose from a range of plant equipment, including scissor lifts, generators, and more.

Delivery or Collection Options:

  • Delivery
  • Collection

Available Plant for Hire:

  • Genie Scissor Lift GS2646
  • Genie Scissor Lift GS1932
  • Generator
  • Other

Duration Options:

  • 1-3 Days
  • 1 Week

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Compact Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a valuable machine for tasks requiring elevation, and choosing the right one involves considering several factors:

1. Terrain Type: Rough or Electric

  • Electric scissor lifts are suitable for indoor work, powered by a battery.
  • Rough terrain scissor lifts, powered by diesel or gas, are ideal for uneven surfaces.

2. Vertical Reach

  • Consider the height requirements of your project.
  • 19-ft lifts are suitable for indoor tasks, while 50-60 ft lifts are ideal for treetops or multi-story buildings.

3. Load and Personnel Limit

  • Adhere to OSHA standards regarding weight capacity and personnel limits.
  • Avoid overloading the lift, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

4. Safety Features

  • Scissor lifts offer safety features such as railings and gated areas.
  • Workers should wear safety harnesses for additional protection.

5. Platform Size

  • A wider platform provides better access and reduces the need for repositioning during tasks.
  • Confirm the availability of enough space for efficient operation.


In conclusion, Scissor Lift Hire Telford from TT54 Plant Hire Telford provides a reliable solution for projects requiring vertical mobility. The company’s commitment to honesty, reliability, and professionalism ensures customer satisfaction. When considering scissor lift hire, factors like terrain type, vertical reach, load limits, safety features, and platform size play a crucial role.

Requesting a booking with TT54 Plant Hire Telford allows you to access top-notch equipment, including scissor lifts and generators, with flexible delivery or collection options. Elevate your projects with precision and safety through Scissor Lift Hire Telford, available at competitive rates.

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