Garden Construction: Crafting Dreams into Reality


Garden Construction is more than just a process; it’s a journey of turning dreams into reality. McKeown Landscapes Ltd, with a wealth of experience in garden construction, possesses the skills and knowledge to bring your Dream Garden to life. In this article, we delve into the significance of garden construction, emphasizing the meticulous process and the transformative impact it can have on outdoor spaces.

The McKeown Approach to Garden Construction

With experience in building gardens of all shapes and sizes, the construction teams at McKeown Landscapes Ltd assure clients that every obstacle can be overcome. The commitment to precision is evident as they follow completed plans to the finest detail, ensuring that the constructed garden mirrors the initial design.

Communication is Key

During the construction phase, McKeown Landscapes Ltd prioritizes communication. They believe in keeping clients updated throughout the build, providing a comprehensive understanding of the progress being made. Scheduled deliveries and neighbor notifications contribute to a seamless construction process, avoiding any inconvenience to the surrounding area.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Professor John Ritson’s Testimonial:

Professor Ritson praises McKeown Landscapes Ltd for their expertise in garden construction. The workmanship is described as of the highest quality, with a friendly and efficient service. The team’s accommodation to the initial garden design and their suggestions for improvements highlight their commitment to client satisfaction.

April G-w’s Testimonial:

April G-w shares a remarkable transformation of her garden by McKeown Landscapes Ltd. The team, described as professional, hard-working, and reliable, turned a new build catastrophe into a garden of splendor. Despite challenges like weather and changes in design preferences, the team showcased unwavering dedication and adaptability.

Showcasing Their Work

A glimpse into McKeown Landscapes Ltd’s portfolio reveals their commitment to excellence. Recent projects, including the rebuilding and laying of patios, edging flower beds, and laying new turf lawns, showcase the versatility and skill of their construction teams.

About McKeown Landscapes Ltd

The company, founded by the father and son duo, Peter and Matt McKeown, boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in garden construction. Peter’s background as a head forester and Matt’s hands-on experience since his youth have contributed to the company’s success.

Building Dreams with Experience

Matt’s journey from joining the family business straight out of school to becoming proficient in garden construction exemplifies the dedication and passion invested in their craft. The company’s partnership in 2011 marked the beginning of substantial growth, forming a team of skilled landscapers and designers.

Services Offered: Beyond Construction

McKeown Landscapes Ltd not only excels in garden construction but also offers comprehensive services to bring your dream garden to fruition.

Garden Design

With over ten years of experience in creating garden designs, McKeown Landscapes Ltd has been instrumental in helping numerous clients envision and execute their ideal outdoor spaces.

Garden Construction

The core of their expertise lies in construction, where skilled teams bring designs to life with precision and inspiration.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Recognizing the importance of aftercare, McKeown Landscapes Ltd emphasizes the often neglected yet vital aspect of maintaining a newly constructed garden.

Benefits of Professional Garden Construction

  • Expertise and Knowledge: Professional construction teams bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to ensure the successful realization of your garden design.
  • Communication: The emphasis on communication ensures that clients are well-informed and engaged throughout the construction process.
  • Quality Workmanship: Testimonials highlight the high-quality workmanship and reliability of McKeown Landscapes Ltd.
  • Transformational Impact: The transformation of gardens from ordinary to splendid showcases the profound impact of professional garden construction.


In conclusion, Garden Construction is an art that goes beyond the physical process of building; it involves passion, dedication, and the ability to turn dreams into tangible, outdoor realities. McKeown Landscapes Ltd stands as a beacon in this field, with a legacy of excellence in both design and construction. If you seek a garden that reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations, consider embarking on the journey of Garden Construction with the skilled and passionate team at McKeown Landscapes Ltd. Let your Dream Garden become a reality through the artistry of Garden Construction.

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