Choose the shipping method in Sri Lanka for Used Japanese Cars

Pearl of the Orient is running into the future and has been the most significant Japanese car importer in the last two decades. The hype of Japanese used car sales in Sri Lanka is getting higher and higher every day. But after buying a car, importing the correct shipping method to import your vehicle to Sri Lanka is essential. Different car shipping methods are used to deliver a vehicle from Japan to Sri Lanka.

There are a few shipping methods discussed here to get an overview of what option suits you the most to get your car safely.

RoRo shipping:

The RoRo is the roll-on and roll-on method, in which the car is rolled in maned, picked from the origin point, into specially designed vessels, and then rolled off to the customer’s destination. This method is used for transporting, especially wheel cargo, for instance, cars, heavy machinery, trucks, or trailers.

Typically cheaper than shippings

When considering shipping a vehicle over a long distance, RoRo can be a better option. The cost-effective factor of this method is making them lead from other forms instead of container or rail transport.

Quicker loading and unloading process.

RoRo is the method known for its loading and unloading efficiency. This method eliminated the other equipment and processes to load and unload a vehicle, therefore making it a quitter and faster compared to other shipping methods.

Not require extra protection

In RoRo shipping, the vehicle’s safety is much higher and more secure than other methods. The roro terminals or the vessels are generated with such equipment which enhance the protection of the vehicle, there a good option to transport a car to get it in a good condition.


●      Shipping in cars is cheaper,

●      Faster than other methods for loading and unloading,

●      deal for receiving well-maintained vehicles.


●      this method is restricted to specific ports in Sri Lanka

●      can only ship a few personal belongings.

●      There are some chances that the vehicle will exposed to the weather or the sea spray damage.

Container Shipping

Container shipping is transporting vehicles in standard containers from one point to another. This method is used for:

Suitable for valuable or high-end vehicles

To get to the shipping terminal, the vehicle is driven or placed onto a carrier trailer. The car is carefully loaded into a typical shipping container at the terminal. when the container arrives at the port of its destination, it is taken from the ship and then brought to the terminal.

When the loading has been done and the car has been taken out of the container. The car gets ready to reach t their rest destination by loading and transporting further is required.

Deliver to more destinations in Sri Lanka.

The process used in container shipping allows it to be delivered to a long destination, and most Sri Lankan states allow container shipping. You can transport your vehicle through container shipping to approximately all regions of Sri Lanka.

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●      Versatility

●      Security

●      Reduce Handling

●      Insurance

●      Customization

●      Privacy


●      Generally expensive

●      Need more paperwork

●      Additional coordination

●      More time consuming

●      Slow delivery

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What to Choose

Every man has some bone and bans for it. Choosing the shipping method for you depends on your preferences. You must consider the budget, time, and risk that can be taken according to the requirements. Therefore, before choosing any shipping method, make sure to discuss it with your car dealer.

There are some Japanese used car dealers, like SAT Japan, that provide the shipping method according to the process’s security. They try to take the least time  and to deliver their car as soon as possible.

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