Challenges in Detecting Shrooms Compared to Other Drugs

Shrooms have long been a fascinating drug that has been messed around with for centuries. If someone in your life has been experimenting with them, it’s a good idea to get informed on the topic. One thing that might surprise people is how different it is to test for shrooms versus other drugs.

Being able to see if someone has been using a particular drug is called a detection window, and shrooms have a really weird one. If you’re aware of things like how long do shrooms take to hit and how long shrooms last though, you’ll be privy to when this drug can be detected during usage.

Let’s get into shroom testing in more detail!

Blood and Saliva Shroom Testing Only Works When the Person is On Shrooms

One of the most difficult things about shroom testing using someone’s blood or saliva is you’re only able to detect the shrooms while the person is on them. The human body processes the compounds in shrooms extremely quickly, typically within 24 hours. So unless a test is going to be set up while the person is suspected to be on shrooms, these tests are generally useless.

Shroom Testing by Someone’s Hair Follicle is Available but at a Costly Price to the Tester

One way to extend the detection window is to use a shroom hair follicle test instead. This is where a sample of someone’s hair is processed to find out all of the drugs, including alcohol, a person has done and how frequently. It can show up to 90 days of drug use, but is rarely done because these tests are really expensive.

Each Type of Tests Currently Available for Shroom are Not Very Common

Unfortunately, testing for shrooms is something that takes a lot of planning. The blood, saliva, and hair follicle tests are not readily available. Certain speciality facilities that intake drug patients might carry them, but even then it’s less likely. You’ll have to do some research to see who offers this type of testing.

Know How Long Do Shrooms Take to Hit with How Long They Last is Important for Testing

Shrooms can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour and half before someone starts to notice the effects. The compounds found in mushrooms also take up to 24 hours to leave the human body. Knowing this, you can be aware of when a possible blood or saliva test can be administered during usage.

In Conclusion

Now you can easily see the challenges that pop up with trying to test for shroom. Whichever shroom test you look at, they are not common, making them harder to find. Hair follicle testing seems the most reasonable in regards to the window of detection time, but it is really expensive. If blood or saliva testing is in the cards, knowing how long they last and how long do shrooms take to hit will help you calculate any short term testing windows. Do make sure to always check on shroom testing to see if there have been any changes!

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